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About Zubko Decor Studio

Veronika Zubko and Olena Polkovska, founders of the studio
Hello, we're from Ukraine. Till February 24, the day russia unleashed war against our country, we had been decorating private homes and business spaces, had been offering a course in decorating for girls all over the world and had been helping our decorators to find clients, we'd been setting up our own decor shop and publishing our books.

35 women had been working in our studio, who had to flee their homes under shelling, saving their children but leaving their men behind, loosing the feeling of inner peace. Sheltered by strangers we are extremely grateful for all the help but dream about returning home. We want to be useful the way we know best - by decorating.

Our decorators can help you to rearrange the furniture or highlight areas of your space so that you and your guests would want to hang around there; to choose the colour of a tablecloth or the pattern that matches the shade of your kitchen walls; or to hide the flaws if you can't afford to fix them at the moment, etc. However, in spite of all visual changes of your interior our decorators aim first and for most to fill your space with new senses.

Online decoration

Choose the number of areas for decoration
What to do when you're so ready for a change but have no idea where to start. Start simple - move your sofa, replace a picture, repaint the walls after all. Look at your room from a fresh angle and you will definitely feel a new vibe.

To avoid chaos don't rush into doing it all by yourself. Our decorators will help you to arrange a sitting area, to decorate windows and choose houseplants, all this online.

Our decorators work on:
• Zoning (furniture and lighting arrangements, decorations depending on desired room functionality);
• Textiles (windows decoration, choosing textures and materials);
• Colour scheme for your home

Prices for online decoration:
1. 1 area or a room – $100
2. 2-3 areas or rooms – $200
3. A house or a big apartment – $750

In the gallery you can see a completed project by one of the Zubko Studio residents
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In 5 days, you will receive recommendations by the professional decorator in a format of a presentation. Introduce them into your life and receive pleasure from the new appearance of your apartment.
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By ordering the service of online decoration you will:
Give jobs and opportunity to say "Thank you"
Ukrainian women like to work, earn money and be useful. To work for us now means not only to earn but also to show our gratitude to the world for help, creating something beautiful.
Receive services of high quality
In our studio only those decorators work whom we taught or carefully chose among others. That is why we guarantee the highest quality services.
Help Ukraine
Not all the Ukrainians were able to flee from the war. The majority of us stayed in Ukraine under the life-threatening conditions. It is especially hard for pregnant women and newborns now. That is why the % from each order will be sent to help the Ukrainian maternity house.
First breath, first cry... The miracle of birth. What can be more important?
Now children in Ukraine are being born under shellfire and in bombshelters. Maternity houses were not ready for the war, they require a lot of necessary things. If you want to help keep life and health to ukrainian newborns and their mothers - join. Every penny counts.
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Eclectic private house
The main task was to create the atmosphere of coziness and to fill with life "here and now", which I did with a lot of different lights, zoning with candles and standard lamps. All the decorating materials were natural, nice for touch and had pleasant smell.

The bedrooms were created taking into consideration age and children's preferences but with the general aim – rest. There are a lot of things in the house that were created by the children and house owners, a lot of hand made and antique things that were bought by the family members, things that were inherited and things that were simply liked.

While decorating one needed to take into consideration the interests of all of the family members – small and grown-ups. The owners wanted their children to feel the gene of beauty and taste since small age. Thus, there are a lot of art-objects, antique furniture and paintings. They also wanted their children to grow up in the house where a lot of attention was given to the traditions. Thus, on the walls one can see pictures from family trips and with memorable moments.

Home is the place where family members respect and stand by each other. Thus, one of the best places in the house was devoted to family hobbies. The thing was not only in creating "own" space in the living room for each family member but not to discriminate anyone, so that everyone would feel his or her importance in a common zone. Thus, children wooden kitchen stood close to the usual one, the drums were moved to workroom together with all the opportunities for creativity, the warm fireplace emerged for those who wanted just to spend time close to one another.

The house ready for changes sounds absolutely ok in the reality when the children's interests are constantly changing.

Kachorovska atelier
Decorating the founder's office

Small but multitask office of the brand Kachorovska founder and CEO Alina Ocheretyana.

Alina wanted the office to reflect her personality, to inspire, to tell the brand's story, to show family values and to have the atmosphere of a cozy home, where everybody is equal and everyone is welcomed.

Here are the thoughts of Alina about our work:

"I am happy at last to have my OWN space! The format of work with Veronyka became a real pleasure for me. The technical assignment was formed via photos, that I liked and this is brilliant) what else can better describe my state and the things that I like? These very photos provoked presence of crystal glass, sideboard, small working almost antique table, glimpses of right red color, black-and-white pictures with valuable for me emotions or things. Veronyka covered the floor with carpets, and it created wonderful coziness. Now half of the team sits on the floor during the meetings and children of my colleagues may crawl the floor with no fear. I spent maximum 2 hours on communications and introducing the project into life. For me it is of greatest value)" .
Decor for the medical gastrocenter OLYMED
The clinic performed rebranding that aimed at creating in clients the image of a comfortable gastroclinic.

The task was to renew furniture in short terms, so that the interior would reflect the new positioning of the brand.
Sundeck of a country house
Sundeck of a country house is a place where guests gather and have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air together with family and close friends. Of course, the living room is also a gathering place, but when it is warm everybody wants to feel the sun and be surrounded with attention.

Thus, our task was to make a place near the entrance to the house which would be cozy and popular.

To decorate this zone, we needed to follow the style of the house and choose the furniture that could be used outside or could be easily covered. We found the place for the owner who values privacy, created place for the sofa for those who like to lie down and place for table games to be played in a big company.
Concept Store Finik Family
Finik Family concept store is a library of taste emotions. It is the space in which you will be covered by the aura of warmth and coziness. Due to the active collaboration with the client, we were able to create the shop practically out of nothing for one month. We had a task to introduce a conceptually new approach to selling dried fruits, fill the space with aesthetics and show family traditions of the brand owner and founder Ilona.

But for the beautiful shopwindow we complimented the shop with coffee-break zone, in which the visitors will be able to taste author sweets together with coffee listening to the nice music. We developed the idea of Finik Family space and performed it in partnership together with brand creation and copywriting.
The Museum of motivation "Light"
Educational center "Light" possesses the special place on the map of Kyiv. Last year because of the pandemic it slightly changed its format. From being the private library, it became the platform for education and professional growth for its auditory. This winter the owners decided to transform its appearance as well, and to change it into the real Museum of motivation without rebuilding or replanning. Our team managed the task for three weeks.

Big black-and-white premises with metal elements became more ambitious due to the color. There were created eight zones with the paints by Manders and Barvaland. Each zone had its own unique idea and message. Our favorite – "privacy zone". It was performed as a bath. Is there any better way of "diving into oneself" then to relax in hot water with bubbles? Of course, one couldn't take a bath in the orange tub, but it was a pleasure to relax on the floor of cushions.

Another location had the philosophic name "10 thousand tries", two comfortable vintage chairs and a table, above which we placed almost twenty not perfect plates by Old Sugar Vintage and Tanya Tess. Only one plate was whole. The same we see in life. To reach the success the person must make countless tries. There always will be obstacles on the way but sooner or later the efforts bring the necessary result.

The similar thought was placed into the zone "Power place", represented by the snow white and brightly lit wall near the entrance. This solution bore the idea of tabula rasa. One shouldn't be upset if something in life went wrong. It is always possible to start all over again.

Right in front of it the working zone was placed. It was created with for tables so that four people could work simultaneously on a safe distance from one another but would not feel lonely at the same time. Aiming at meditative effect we placed in the center a mobile with geometric forms by the polish brand Flensted Mobiles. Its slow motions calm down and help to change the focus of attention during the breaks.

Not far the comfort zone was located. Though "Light" is not a simple library any more, all the rooms had bookshelves around the perimeter. Bookshelves were filled with books that are aloud to be taken and read. We mixed the available furniture with new one from IKEA and Jysk to create the home coziness. The vintage filing cabinet became the most prominent thing in the zone. It was bought on the auction at the last night of work at the decorating project.

Art-space "Self exposition" will be interesting for photographers and those who value arts. The owners offer the whole wall for the personal exhibitions. The deep color LG208 Hicks Blue and perfect light are ready to show creativity every week. One needs only to agree on dates and bring the works.

Bar stools and a table in the corner near the art-space created the mood in the "Romance zone". We wanted to hint that it is important to make pauses in every work for smalltalks and favorite drinks. "Sadness zone" completed the museum. It was represented by the ordinary stool hung to a ceiling. The stool can be seated at the moments of despair. But we all know that this is never to happen.

Instead, the inspiration is waiting for those who stay in "Light"!

Showroom of limited author wear KAPSULA
Breaking news for people of fashion! The list of Kyiv showrooms is enriched with something special – with the shop of limited author wear KAPSULA. You could meet the brand only online before, but two months ago a decision was made to create the space where clients would want to spend their time in, trying on the dresses, enjoying a glass of sparkling wine. The Zubko Studio team accepted the challenge. Here we present you the place that has the motto "Unique".

Having heard the motto, Zubko Studio followed the courageous path of not being like others. The Studio conducted the first decorator hackathon. We gathered 20 graduates of our school for the joint work at the concept of the shop. We spent a day in discussions and found the solution – to create the showroom for kidulthood, i.e. grown up girls. Every woman sometimes wants to have a rest from obligations and responsibility, to feel easy and childish, to remember the emotions when the parents are not at home and one can try on mom's dresses and heels, to forget that you are in the shop. That is why the decorators put the special attention to the arts in the interior as it rises the emotions in children.[ВА1]

In both Kapsul rooms we gave up basic colors of the walls, which was unusual. The shops like this usually try to focus clients' attention on cloths but we are not exactly in the shop, remember? Instead, we added contrasts with the colors by Manders, such as Ashes of Roses, Baked Cherry, Light Peachblossom, Aquamarine.

The animal art attracts attention in the main room. The dog in nun's robes near the wardrobe filled with luxury cloths hints that everyone desires own "forbidden fruit". The screen and the box office in eastern style also rise interest in clients. Look how the basic IKEA cabinet changed when it was painted and the regular legs changed into geometric ones by Kassone Worshop. The same solution was applied also to the closets in the other room.

Besides the fitting-rooms and shelves with the accessories we found the place for mini-bar and children corner. The real vintage finding from Dennmark plays the role of the bar counter – cabinet which was successfully complemented with metal and multicolored glass kitchenware creating the feeling of holiday. It is so good to fill the glass and look at the posters by Aurora Batyreva or pictures by Helmut Newton.

The fitting-rooms have the shelves for telephone charging. Animals are watching the guests from there. Fancy giraffe and flamingo are among the plants and painted palm trees send a message "I am unique anywhere".

The general Kapsul's floor space of is not large, so the decorators used the walls to fit everything that might be necessary. Customized rails[ВА2] were manufactured. Part of the furniture and the big mirror were hunted in vintage shops in Instagram: vintage_furniture_ukraine and garage_vintage_lviv. Another part was purchased in IKEA and redecorated. It was important to find the balance between old and new so that the clients wouldn't have the impression that they were in an antique shop.

The lockdown became the main difficulty. How to find and buy everything necessary if all shops are … closed? But Zubko Studio overcame all obstacles. Yes, some things had to be returned, some decor came from the personal collection of Veronyka Zubko and wallpaper in the rest room had to be repainted twice. Even the search for 5 same crystal glass chandeliers on OLX were successful.

Thus, be sure Kapsula – is the place where you will feel "Unique".

[ВА1]Не нравится, как звучит эта часть предложения на английском. Я бы ее убрала.

[ВА2]Не уверена в термине

Sola. Technological capsule for privacy in any corner of the world
One more of our absolutely fantastic projects is the work at creation of presentation showroom sola capsule. Sola – technological, absolutely autonomous capsule for privacy in any corner of the world. The project is filled with numerous features – sun batteries on the roof and weather station, climate-control, robotic control, "clever" glass, artificial intellect, hamam and hot tub, BBQ and functional furniture.

This project includes not only the technologies and opportunities but also unique philosophy and values.

Thus, working at it it was important follow them, complement and strengthen them with right decor. We created several concepts from which the client chose one. We decorated accordingly, using only natural materials. It was also important not to overload the space but to fill it with coziness. This job illustrates well that in fact "minimalism" is not about absence of decor but about the decor of a definite format and quality.
Decoration support after designer reparation
We like to cooperate with the talented interior designers and compliment their work with decor. This project was performed in tandem with the designer Kateryna Vdovychenko for the young family which wanted to move to the new built house without anything from the old life. Designer reparation was over, the space was furnitured under Katya's lead who led the project remotely till almost the end. And we filled the flat with coziness and important details. We brought several cars with decor and decorated the stylish but relatively empty rooms so that the owners could feel and pick every element of decor in the interior at once. As we feel the tastes well, usually the owners keep 80% of decor. The same happened this time as well.
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